Her extraordinary career may span six decades, but nothing makes Rita Moreno more proud than being the mom to her daughter and the grandma to her grandkids.

It all began when the iconic West Side Story star married her now-late husband, Leonard Gordon, in 1965. Although he sadly passed away in 2010, the couple became parents when Rita, 87, welcomed their first and only daughter, Fernanda Luisa Gordon, in 1967.

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The One Day at a Time actress’ daughter followed in her famous mom’s footsteps, also pursuing a Hollywood career. Fernanda — who dabbles as a jewelry designer and freelance graphic designer on top of acting — is best known for her roles in 1991’s An Inconvenient Woman and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. in 1993.

After her daughter married her husband, David Tyler Fisher, in 1996, Rita officially became a grandma following the birth of her first grandchild, Justin Gordon Fisher. Three years later, the couple welcomed their second son, Cameron David Fisher, making Rita a grandmother-of-two.

Before her cardiologist husband died, Rita and Leonard moved from L.A. to Berkeley because they “fell in love with the area” — but most importantly, they relocated to be near their two grandsons. In 2008, the Oscar Award-winning actress opened up about how much her “precious” mean to her. Spoiler: a lot.

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“We were out of our minds when we first found out we were going to be grandparents,” Rita once gushed to Grand Magazine about Justin and Cameron, who are now young men. “Our grandchildren are the light of our lives. One of the best experiences of our lives, if not the best, next to our daughter’s birth, is helping birth our daughter’s baby.” Rita sweetly added, “These little boys are our hearts and souls. They are the air we breathe.”

The EGOT winner explained that being the parents to an only child allowed them to open their hearts even more once their grandkids were born. “Being an only child means that we poured all our love in [Fernanda]. And then to top it off, you know what’s amazing to me? That love is a bottomless well,” Rita said. “I keep thinking I can’t possibly love any more than I do now, and I do. It’s endless and it’s bottomless. It’s fathoms and fathoms deep. It’s infinite.”

What a sweet family!

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