Normani Kordei Talks Cyberbullying on ‘DWTS’ — Get the Details on Her “Bad” Interview

Poor Normani Kordei!

On last night’s new DWTS episode, the 20-year-old Fifth Harmony singer revealed she was once the victim of harsh cyberbullying because of comments she previously made in a “bad” interview.

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“I got bullied, terribly, on social media. I did an interview and it got taken out of context completely… people were calling me the N-word, it was really ugly,” Normani told her pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy in rehearsal footage.

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Normani and Val on DWTS.

“Every time I went online it was, ‘How much we hate you. How talentless you are.’ They actually made images of me being whipped, beaten, hung… I shouldn’t want to change the color of my skin or the texture of my hair or the fact that I’m a woman. I felt really alone and just like everybody hated me,” she continued.

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During a Summer 2016 Facebook Live interview, Normani was cheekily asked to describe her Fifth Harmony bandmates. After a long pause to think about her answer, Normani called fellow member Camila Cabello — whom she was rumored to be feuding with — “very quirky” and Camila’s fans subsequently attacked the star online.

The cyberbullying got so bad that Normani decided to deactivate her Twitter account for six weeks. “Everybody in the group gets online hate, but mine is different. Racism really does exist and I’m the only African American girl of the group. There are people creating Photoshopped pictures of me getting beat as if I were a slave back in the day,” she told Us Weekly at the time.

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Normani and her Fifth Harmony bandmates in 2016.

“I tried to ignore it at first. My way of dealing with it was to not deal with it, if that makes sense,” she continued. “I thought the best thing was just not to look at the comments. Even if there’s one comment, it’s super hurtful and it’s the one that sticks with you.”

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“We all want to be loved. We all want to be accepted. And when that doesn’t happen, it just breaks you,” Normani added on Dancing With the Stars. “And I think in the process I just because a super guarded person… at the end of the day I have to be me, and I want to be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m proud of that person and I love who you are.'”

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