Celebrity couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are keeping the spark alive! Instead of doing date night on another red carpet, they headed to New York to see Moulin Rouge! on Broadway. The best part? Nicole, 52, posted a photo of her and Keith, 51, to Instagram, gushing about the amazing night they had.

“Nothing like a weekend full of Broadway, Family & Love ❤️,” she wrote on Tuesday, August 13. In a separate post, she shared a photo of her and Keith with the Moulin Rouge! cast and, with that caption, she told her fans what she thought of the Broadway musical. Spoiler alert: Nicole loved it!

“What a joy to see @MoulinRougeBway last night! It blew my mind! Get a ticket as soon as you can! ❤️,” she exclaimed. “Thank you to all the cast and crew for greeting us with such open arms.” Since Nicole played Satine in the 2001 film, she paid homage to the two leading actors who brought the musical to life.

“Karen and Aaron as Satine and Christian were superb,” her post continued. “Thank you for making the evening even more spectacular at the Moulin Rouge!” the show responded. How sweet!

Nicole and Keith’s date night to New York seemed to be quite the blast. Always ones to support each other, it’s clear these two are attached at the hip and are stronger than ever as a couple. “They’re in a great place right now,” a source explained Life & Style. “They’ve managed to overcome obstacles and make their marriage work.”

According to the source, Nicole and Keith have managed to overcome the fact that they both have busy schedules and grow closer. In fact, they’ve learned “how to open up and navigate through their issues” and prove that they, of all Hollywood couples, can go the distance in their relationship.

“[They’ve] come out of it even stronger,” the insider said.

We can’t wait to see what their next date night looks like!