What’s one more added to the crowd, right? Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have overcome the stigma that Hollywood couples don’t make it, as this coming July will mark four years of marriage for the couple. And the pair have even welcomed two kids into the mix: daughter Wyatt Isabelle, 4, and son Dimitri Portwood, 2. But Mila, 35, apparently would be completely okay giving her children another sibling.

According to Life & Style, Ashton, 40, is pretty busy, as he “still has a few projects on his plate,” but, a source tells the outlet, “as soon as he walks in the door, the nannies leave and Ashton takes over.” And it seems that has been working out so well that Ashton’s wife is all for adding another baby to the Kunis/Kutcher clan. Mila “wouldn’t mind [having a third child] with Ashton by her side,” the source reveals. And perhaps that may come as a surprise, as the Bad Moms actress once joked that her husband annoys her.

Mila Ashton and Family
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“Does he get on my nerves? Every day!” Mila said on Live with Kelly and Ryan back in August. “One hundred percent of the time there’s a version where I’m like, ‘What the? What are you doing?’ But I like him, so… talk to me in 10 years.” Mila also spoke on how different she truly is from Ashton. “He’s much more logical than I am,” Mila explained. “He’s also very optimistic and I’m very pessimistic. We’re very opposites in that. Like, he sees all the good in the world and all the good in the people, and I’m like Debbie Downer, like, ‘That’s not true.’” Mila added, “I like my husband… I love him, but I also really like him. We are newlyweds, we’ve only been married three years. So, I still very much like him.”

Ashton Mila
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And based off Mila’s gushing, it should surprise no one if their kids become a trio soon.