We all go through dark and lonely experiences in our life. But Melissa Joan Hart said she has the perfect remedy for dealing with pain. “I feel like every time something bad has happened, I’ve come out of it because of my faith,” the Sabrina The Teenage Witch star said on Wednesday, Jan. 3 during her appearance on the Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris podcast. “It’s for a purpose He has. It’s His will be done.”

In fact, the 42-year-old explained that faith has also helped her raise her three kids, Mason, 12, Braydon, 10, and Tucker, 6, whom she shares with her husband, Mark Wilkerson. The actress got candid about raising her children as Presbyterian Christians and how some questions were raised after her one son got into a disagreement with a Jewish friend.

“When the mom [of the child] called me with a problem in sixth grade I was like well, ‘Do I regret telling my son that we don’t know if people believe in Jesus, so we don’t know their character?’” the Clarissa Explains It All star asked. “‘Is that a wrong thing to say? Did I set my son on the wrong path or was that the right thing to say and I should defend that?'” Melissa said she ended up explaining that having a debate was healthy as long as you’re respecting other’s beliefs.

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In fact, the beauty also dished that faith has helped her in all facets of her life and gave her insight on how it boosted her morals after her grandmother died when she was a teen and when her friend committed suicide at 32. “I feel like right now I might be just as anxiety-ridden over certain things as I was as an angsty teenager, but now I have this understanding of it’s gonna be okay and this calm and peace that people don’t have if they don’t have faith,” she said.

Melissa also admitted that studying the Bible and taking life less seriously has been a catalyst for her happiness. However, she is oddly thankful for the tough experiences she has dealt with in life. “Without my grandmother passing away when I was 12 years old, and without my friend dying at 32, and without some of the struggles that I’ve gone through in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”