She’s only been married into the British monarchy for eight months, but according to Princess Diana‘s former royal butler, Paul Burrell, Meghan Markle is already “doing a great job as a newcomer to the royal family” and settling into her regal role as the Duchess of Sussex just fine.

“Meghan is doing a great job as a newcomer to the royal family. Of course, she isn’t going to get everything right so soon off the blocks. I personally think that she should make an approach to her father, [Thomas Markle], perhaps with her mother [Doria Ragland]‘s help. If she doesn’t stem this constant flow of vitriol from her own family, it will continue to cause her pain,” Burrell, 60, exclusively told Closer Weekly in a new interview.

Though it has recently been reported that Meghan’s addition to the family may have caused a bit of a rift between Prince Harry, 34, and Prince William, 36, Burrell revealed that the brothers will always be “inseparable.” He explained to Closer, “I do not believe that William and Harry are growing apart. They may have differences as they are two very different personalities. I think that their life bond was forged at the time of their mother’s death and that they are inseparable.”

Burrell added that it is “true that Harry can be firey and impulsive at times” while William “is more calm and considered” but their differing personalities hasn’t affected their relationship. He continued, “I have not noticed a rift between the two brothers. They are independent young men who still forge ahead together as a part of young team Windsor but have different roles and destinies. This is exactly the press speculation [Queen Elizabeth] faced with her sister Princess Margaret, the two were constantly compared yet they remained lifelong friends and were very close.”

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