She may have been Sleepless in Seattle, but Meg Ryan recently found herself in the city that never sleeps as she took some time to do a bit of shopping in New York City — and made sure to show off her body.

On Friday, September 27, the 57-year was spotted in Soho — and she was looking great! The actress wore a white T-shirt and some low riding jeans, which allowed her abs to be put on displayed. Meg topped it all off with some black sneakers, a satchel and of course, some shades. The When Harry Met Sally star also showed off her tattoo, which read, “Life is short” on her left arm.

This comes as a rare public appearance for Meg, who doesn’t star in as many films when compared to the ’90s decade she dominated — however, there’s a reason for that. “I felt like I was behind a window looking at my life,” she once confessed to The New York Times. “I was burned out. I didn’t feel like I knew enough anymore about myself or the world to reflect it as an actor. I felt isolated.”

While she is pretty low-key these days, she also acknowledged to the outlet that fame comes with its ups and downs. “I’m not complaining — there are so many advantages to being famous — but there are fundamental disadvantages for a part of your brain, your self, your soul,” she explained. “My experiences were too limited. The only people you meet are on the set, and you’re memorizing lines — I remember thinking, I want to have my own thoughts.”

Meg Ryan John Mellencamp
Curtis Means/Shutterstock

Meg now focuses on being a mother to two children, Jack, 27, who she shares with ex-husband Dennis Quaid, and an adopted daughter named Daisy, 15. She is also currently engaged to rocker John Mellencamp. An insider exclusively told Closer Weekly that the pair is “truly happy” together. However, it doesn’t seem like they are walking down the aisle anytime soon.

“Yes, I’m going to get married at some point,” Meg told InStyle. “But for now this engagement thing is a state of grace.”

Well, we know Meg will look great whenever the special day arrives!