What a sweet message! Dennis Quaid, who was married to Meg Ryan for ten years, recently revealed that he’s sending nothing but positive vibes to his ex and her fiancé, John Mellencamp.

“I’m so happy for them, I really am,” the 64-year-old actor told Us Weekly, at the Cinemoi Oscar Party benefiting Children Uniting Nations in Beverly Hills. “Love is always a great thing, you know?” But if you were wondering if the Parent Trap star is going to make an appearance at his ex-wife’s, 57, wedding, Dennis was more than happy to give everyone an answer to that. “I haven’t been invited,” he revealed. “But I’m really happy for them.”

Meg Ryan John Mellencamp
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Even though the pair split in 2001, they do share a 26-year-old son named Jack. The Day After Tomorrow costar did tie the knot for a third time, (he and actress P.J. Soles were married from 1978 to 1983), to real estate broker, Kimberly Quaid, in a marriage that just wrapped up in 2018. So after three failed marriages, it’s no surprise to hear the brutal thoughts that he has on divorce.

“I think what divorce does is, it takes away your identity,” Dennis once told The Sunday Times. “It’s like death. Your identity is wrapped up in the relationship and if it’s not going to be there…who are you? Aren’t the most stressful things in life meant to be the death of a family member and moving house? And then there’s divorce, which is death and moving.” He added, “The birth of a child is another stressful situation. Not just because things could go wrong, but also because you have to redefine who you are.”

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While there’s no word yet if Dennis will be getting married for a fourth time, it is nice to hear that he’s all about Meg finding love again. The When Harry Met Sally actress announced her engagement to the rocker in November 2018, simply by sharing a pen drawing of the two and captioning it, “ENGAGED!’