Dad of the year! While Mark Wahlberg was practicing social distancing with his family, he got a sweet makeover from his 10-year-old daughter, Grace.

“You’re painting my hand,” the dad of four hilariously said in a video he shared to Instagram on Monday, March 30. In the clip, you can see Grace doing her father’s nails while they sit at the dinner table. “OK, so 15 days into quarantine now I’m getting pedicures and manicures and apparently a full makeover. She’s got her full kit there and yeah, this is what’s happening now.”

Mark Wahlberg

After Grace was done with her father’s manicure, the Ted star shared a video of his daughter’s work on his Instagram Stories. “All right, I don’t know if you’re going to have a career in this,” Mark, 48, jokingly said while showing off his purple and orange nails. “This is a hack job. Are you good at this? Have you ever done this before?”

“I’m only good at makeup so your makeup is going to be on fleek,” Grace replied with a laugh. But her father seemed very puzzled by her choice of words.

“On fleek? What does that mean?” Mark said. While trying to get her dad to understand the terminology, Grace giggled, “Your eyebrows are going to be on fleek.”

Once Mark’s nails were done, Grace pulled out her makeup set and started to apply blush to her dad’s face. “I’m doing horrible makeup,” she laughed, which made Mark a little bit upset. “I thought you said you were good at makeup?” he yelled while holding his head back. But once Grace started applying the product too forcefully, the actor said he was done with his makeover.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Mark said.

The Boogie Nights star shares Grace and his older kids — Ella, 16, Michael, 14, and Brendan, 11 — with his wife, Rhea Durham. During the coronavirus outbreak, Mark and his daughter spent some quality time together when they attempted to do a choreographed dance on video. Although it wasn’t as great as Grace had planned it to be, the duo still had a great time showing off their moves for one another.

Now that’s what you call an all-star dad!