We feel for you, Mark Wahlberg! The dad of four revealed he really wanted to dance with his 10-year-old daughter, Grace, at her father-daughter dance at school, but sadly it didn’t happen.

“I didn’t get one dance. And I told her, I said we were going to do the big circle and I was going to go all off and she said, ‘Dad, if you embarrass me I will never talk to you again,'” he hilariously explained on the Wednesday, February 26, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Daddy daughter dance last night❤️

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However, the Instant Family actor wasn’t too sad about it. “What she did do is she hung out with me. She sat there on the edge of the stage by the DJ,” he said.

Everything seemed to be going well for the pair until Mark, 48, realized the type of songs the DJ was playing. “I’m sitting there with one other dad and I’m like, ‘This is not an edited version of this song. There is explicit lyrics being played at a school dance for girls. This is no good,'” the Ted star told Ellen DeGeneres.

Taking matters into his own hands, Mark decided to confront the DJ. “I said, ‘What are you doing?’ I’m hearing F-bombs and this and that. Not OK,” he explained. But even though the music could have been better, the Hollywood hunk said he still had “a great time together” with Grace. Aww!

Mark shares Grace and her siblings — Ella, 16, Michael, 13, and Brendan, 11 — with his beautiful wife, Rhea Durham. In a previous interview with Risen Magazine, he revealed his most “effective approach” to parenting.

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Daddy daughter day. 👨‍👧❤️🙏🏼

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“The most effective thing is being engaged in every aspect of their life, but then also leading by example,” he said. “It’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s another thing to do it. When my kids see me go to church everyday, when they see me get on my hands and my knees … they [can see] and know how grateful I am and how appreciative I am.”

“Plus they know how thoughtful and aware we are of what other people don’t have,” Mark added. “Hopefully that will rub off on them.”

Grace has one great dad!