She’s one of the better actresses in Hollywood today, but Maggie Gyllenhaal recently had her feathers ruffled when a publication focused on her voice instead of a very important discussion at hand, and she decided to respond to the criticism.

The 41-year-old recently sat-down for an interview with The Independent for a story that involved sexism in Hollywood, but one line from the article caught the attention of the actress: “Talking to Maggie Gyllenhaal can be a little disorienting,” the piece reads. “She has a high-pitched, cartoonish voice, which she uses to express deep things.”

The Deuce star took to Twitter to speak her mind. “Of course you’re free to think anything you like about the ‘silliness’ of my voice and my face,” she wrote. “But when you open your piece in @independent commenting on that, it serves to undermine everything we spoke about.”

The writer of the piece offered an apology, posting on Twitter, “I apologise [sic] if that’s how it came across. The quote you’re referring to was from another writer. I wanted to highlight it as an eg of the way you’ve been underestimated for superficial, gendered reasons. I think you and your work are brilliant, which I tried to make apparent.”

In the piece, the actress said, “We live in a masculine world and in America — especially very recently — as much as we would like to believe otherwise, it’s a misogynistic world,” this statement coming after the writer pokes fun at her voice, which is something Maggie highlights in her response.

Maggie Gyllenhaal
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Maggie, who is the older sister of actor Jake Gyllenhaal, has not yet responded to the writer’s apology.