He always has his lady’s back! Joe Manganiello isn’t going to let anyone disrespect his wife, Sofia Vergara, so when an online hater recently tried to make fun of Sofia’s accent, the Magic Mike actor clapped back in the best way possible. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, Joe, 41, took to Instagram to share the funny new Hulu commercial he and Sofia, 46, are currently starring in. And, in the clip, the Colombian-American actress jokingly tells viewers, “Never date Joe Manganiello. He ruins men forever.” 

While most fans appeared to love the ad, one commenter seemingly had an issue with Sofia’s accent. According to @CommentsByCelebs, the hater wrote, “How many takes for Sofia to pronounce your name correctly?”

Because the critic didn’t seem to notice that Sofia and Joe have been married since 2015 (and the comment was just rude regardless), Joe decided to educate the poor fellow. “I hope you’re sitting down for this one but it’s her last name too,” he responded. 

During a previous interview with CBS, Sofia opened up about how it’s sometimes hard to “control” her accent. “When it comes out, it comes out however it wants to come out,” she explained. “I can’t control it. You think I would sound like this after 25 years in this country if I could control it?” 

Sofia added that she thinks her accent has “become more horrible” over time but she’s learned to laugh at herself, especially when Joe jokingly impersonates her at home. 

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“He does it all the time. He talks to me with my accent all the time,” she hilariously shared, adding that she can at least giggle at the impersonation. “I laugh all the time. When he wants to tell me something very serious, he does it in my accent so I can’t be mean.” What a cute couple!