Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell continue to prove why they’re the gold standard when it comes to long-term relationships.

Goldie, 73, took it to Instagram to share a video with all her fans and followers that show her and Kurt, 67, trying their best to sing along to The Beatles‘ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” using in at-home karaoke toy microphone. And let’s just say that we’re going to give them kudos for at least giving it a shot. Check out the video below!

“Kurt and I just opened one of our favorite Christmas presents… I don’t think we’ll be taking this on the road,” Goldie wrote in the caption. The 1963 classic song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and while it has been covered numerous times over the last 50-plus years, we think everyone can agree that Goldie and Kurt’s version is definitely near the top.

It is pretty obvious that these lovebirds, who have been together since 1983, are the type of couple that everyone should aim to be, as they always seem like they are having quite the time together. In fact, Kurt once sat down with Daily Mail to reveal just how he and his lady have made it work all these years. “For Goldie and me, that core value was this: the kids come first,” The Christmas Chronicles star said. “That big movie I turned down came at an age when they really needed one of us around. Kate was a very sparky personality, a fun girl, great. But when you’re a teenager you need Dad to be there, to say you’re going to be home at 11:30.”

Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn
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Kurt added, “I think as a parent you have to be an obstacle at times, so they can learn to get around you. If they learn to get around you, they can get around most troubles.”

Kurt and Goldie most recently celebrated the holidays with their family, which includes Kate Hudson‘s 3-month-old baby girl, Rani Rose. Perhaps Rani can sing along with her grandparents when she gets a tad older.