It’s becoming more and more rare to hear of couples who stay together for decades. And it is even more rare when couples try to stick together in Hollywood as couples break up on the daily, it seems. But don’t tell that to Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn because they’ve been through it all for 35 years — and they’re still going strong.

Kurt sat down with the Daily Mail for a new interview to talk about just how he’s been able to stay with Goldie all of these years, even as the pressures of Hollywood have come knocking on their door. For starters, Kurt made it very clear that he wasn’t going to have his face out there for the world to see at all times.

Kurt Russell Face
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“Very early on I decided the only place you could find me was on screen,” Kurt said. “In Hollywood, if you do the right things with the right people, it means a lot in terms of awards, recognition. I do the publicity that is commensurate to the release of the movie. I never did publicity about me. There’s a whole world outside the work of creating a brand. But I made my choice: I didn’t want to play the game. And I’m telling you, it cost me a lot of money.”

“When the unit publicist came on set, I’d run,” Kurt added. “I got into a lot of trouble for that. People told me I wasn’t professional, I wasn’t serious, I was lazy. It translated as he’s not one of us — he doesn’t kneel at the altar. The thing was, I didn’t want that because really what I wanted was to be something else.”

And it is how Kurt has handled his job and his personal life that he has been able to stay with Goldie for more than three decades. “[We] were very aware of what would happen had we both pursued our careers full-on,” Kurt said. “I very rarely worked when I knew Goldie was going to be working. And vice-versa. Which meant we could be together. I never thought that what the business could provide would ever take precedence over us. Money is great, but you’ve got to say no. You really do.”

Kurt And Goldie
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Kurt even once turned down a big-time role and money for his family’s sake. “There was a movie I was going to be paid a lot of money for,” Kurt said. “I’d rather not say what it was, but it came when I’d just done two pictures in a row and Goldie was about to go to work, so I had to turn it down.”

So what did Kurt do instead? He stayed home and looked after their children, Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson. “Everyone has their marker on what is really important and where you draw the line,” Kurt added. “For Goldie and me, that core value was this: the kids come first. That big movie I turned down came at an age when they really needed one of us around. Kate was a very sparky personality, a fun girl, great. But when you’re a teenager you need Dad to be there, to say you’re going to be home at 11:30. I think as a parent you have to be an obstacle at times, so they can learn to get around you. If they learn to get around you, they can get around most troubles.”

Kurt Goldie and Kate
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Seems like a lot of actors these days should take a look at how Kurt and Goldie have done it: separate business from personal life. It will come as no surprise if Kurt and Goldie stick together for another 35 years.