Ouch! In photos and videos shared on Instagram, Kristen Bell revealed a nose injury that she sustained after an interaction with her daughter Delta. Scroll below for more details on what happened to the Veronica Mars alum. 

What Happened to Kristen Bell? 

In one clip posted to her Instagram account on May 16 while getting her makeup done, Kristen showed off a small gash on her nose and redness surrounding the area. The Frozen actress also provided closeups of her injury along with a caption briefly explaining what happened. 

“Minor jujitsu injury … took some teeth to the nose. Will recover,” her caption read. “You should see the other guy!!!! (She is 8, the fruit of my loins and has big, sharp, buck teeth.)”

Kristen Bell Nose Injury: Accident Details, Photos
Courtesy of Kristen Bell/Instagram

Kristen was referring to Delta, her youngest daughter with husband Dax Shepard, who was born in December 2014. The pair are also parents to their eldest daughter, Lincoln, who arrived in March 2013. 

In the comments section of the post, several parents got candid about sustaining similar injuries during interactions with their kids. 

“[A] few months ago, my 8-year-old sat up abruptly to kiss me goodnight in the dark and broke my nose,” one comment read. “It still clicks.”

Another parent shared her experience in a comment, writing, “My boy was so proud to unlock the front door of our [apartment] and when he pulled the key out, his hand went back so hard and hit me in the eye. Black eye.”

Actor Sullivan Stapleton wrote, “You can see the imprint of the teeth!”

What Has Kristen Bell Said About Motherhood? 

Despite her injury, it seems like Kristen was able to keep a good sense of humor after the situation. The Golden Globe nominee previously joked that her kids are always dishing out tough love when it comes to her work in films and on television. 

“The amount of insults that they can hurl at me in a very short period of time, it really brings me back down to earth,” she said in November 2022 while chatting with E! News. “I come home, and they will just, they’ll pull the rug out from under you so quickly.” 

Humor is certainly at the center of the Bell-Shepard household. Kristen shared that her daughters delivered several zingers after she voiced Anna in Disney’s Frozen. Eventually, they warmed up to the animated film. 

“When they first saw Frozen, they liked it, but didn’t love it,” the Michigan native told People in November 2019. “And I find that so funny because I think it’s in your DNA to reject your parents. So, they like it very much and they do sometimes dress as the characters, but I think that’s also because it’s culturally sort of a phenomenon. Like their friends dress as the characters. But it’s funny now more recently they’ve gotten more into it.”