Add Kelly Ripa to the long list of people Cher has positively impacted. The TV personality recently gushed about the legendary performer and revealed just how much she means to her.

“I think you know by now I love you and I have for as long as I can remember,” the 48-year-old said in a new video project shared by People, kicked off by the singer’s biographical Broadway musical, The Cher Show. “You have seriously taught me so much about being a woman, a strong woman and an inclusive woman in the entertainment industry.”

Kelly Ripa
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“I look up to you, I hold you in such high esteem and I thank you for keeping it real and normal and fighting the good fight,” the All My Children alum added.

The hit show, produced by Cher, premiered on Broadway in December and follows the icon’s rise to fame. It also includes moments from her childhood, as well as her time performing beside the late Sonny Bono. The musical has introduced new fans to the hitmaker’s work and reminded others of her greatness. “It’s my story,” the “Goddess of Pop” once told Elle.

“I want it to be honest and right and funny and sad, like my life,” she added. Even though she is 72-years-old, Cher won’t be retiring anytime soon. Why? Because she doesn’t feel like an adult.

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“I am a very immature person,” she once told Heat. “I’m not dumb, but I still don’t think of myself as a grown-up.”

“All my girlfriends and I used to have these insane concepts about what it would be like when you got to a certain age, like cutting your hair at a certain length or wearing your skirt at a certain length,” Cher continued. “But none of us are any different to when we were young. So, even though we have responsibilities, I don’t see any of us as grown-ups, but more like older teenagers. I think having fun keeps your soul young.”

Keep being amazing, Cher!