At age 72, Cher admits that getting older is one part of life that she’s not concerned about. In a new interview with Heat magazine, Cher explained that even though she now has a lot of responsibilities in life, she still feels like a child on the inside.

“I am a very immature person,” Cher said. “I’m not dumb, but I still don’t think of myself as a grown-up.” The singer added that she still thinks of herself as the same person that she was when she was a teenager and aging hasn’t changed her mindset at all.

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“All my girlfriends and I used to have these insane concepts about what it would be like when you got to a certain age, like cutting your hair at a certain length or wearing your skirt at a certain length. But none of us are any different to when we were young,” she explained. “So, even though we have responsibilities, I don’t see any of us as grown-ups, but more like older teenagers. I think having fun keeps your soul young.”

Over the years, Cher has learned to work hard and also have fun while making new music and most recently starring in the movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. “I’ve had fun on and off all my life,” she said, but added that she’s also had her fair share of pain. “It hasn’t been all fun for sure. I’ve had fun and tragedy because life is a mixed bag. I’ve had fun and I’ve been broke.”

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Though Cher rose to fame very quickly, she said still doesn’t find it exhausting to keep up with her very busy schedule. “I work so hard every day, harder now more than ever before,” she explained. “I’ve been working out forever.” And most likely, Cher’s hectic schedule won’t be changing anytime soon because she’s not even thinking about retiring. A friend close to the singer recently told Closer Weekly, “Cher is in a good place and she’s sharper than ever!”