Awkward! During her Monday, Sept. 24 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cher slammed fellow singer Madonna and admitted she’d never want to do a duet with the star. While playing the game “5 Second Rule” with host Ellen DeGeneres, Cher, 72, was asked to name three singers she’d like to duet with and dissed Madonna, 60, in the process. 

“Adele, Pink, and not Madonna!” the “If I Could Turn Back Time” songstress replied and the audience appropriately reacted with an awkward gasp and then a giggle. 

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This actually isn’t the first time that Cher has dissed Madonna — in fact, the singer has taken jabs at the Material Girl quite a lot over the years. “There’s something about her that I don’t like. She’s mean, and I don’t like that. I remember having her over to my house a couple of times because [Madonna’s then husband], Sean [Penn], and I were friends, and she just was so rude to everybody,” Cher said in a 1991 interview with Steve Kmetko. 

“It seems to me that she’s got so much that she doesn’t have to act the way that she acts, like a spoiled brat all the time. It seems to me that when you’ve reached the kind of acclaim that she’s reached, and can do whatever you want to do, you should be a little more magnanimous and be a little less of a c–t,” she continued. 

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“It’s not like you go around saying, ‘This is how I feel,’ but somebody said to me, ‘What do you think about her?’ and I said, ‘Well, I think she’s unbelievably creative.’ I mean, I’m amazed at the amount… because, in my day, I was pretty good at doing the same thing that she’s doing, but she does it so much better. She’s unbelievably creative because she’s not unbelievably talented, she’s not beautiful. She’s kind of… she’s rude,” Cher also said in another 1991 interview.

But, during a 2013 sit-down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Cher made it seem like the two had buried the hatchet. “I’m totally good with Madonna! Madge and I have gone through our thing, but no, I’m totally good with her,” she said at the time. Guess things may not be so good after all!