John Travolta’s wife has always looked fabulous. And since Kelly Preston has stepped out often in recent weeks ahead of the premiere of her new movie Gotti (which she co-stars with John, by the way), fans are dying to know if she’s gotten plastic surgery. And in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, experts (who have not worked with Kelly) opened up about which procedures the star may have gotten done over the years.

“Kelly looks like she has Botox on board which is keeping her forehead smooth but also dropping her central brow a little bit,” Dr. Adam H. Hamawy, MD, FACS, revealed. Dr. Vartan Mardirossian added, The only thing is possible Botox to the forehead. I don’t think she had anything else done. That being said it is possible that she had a rhinoplasty even before [the early 2000s] judging from the light-shadow effects on her tip and the nasal dorsum.”

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At age 55, it seems Kelly is just focused on living a healthy lifestyle rather than going under the knife. “For a lot of people getting older means you start slowing down. I don’t think you have to. A lot of it is mindset,” she once told Health.

Kelly has not really been vocal about her plastic surgery, however, she’s always been open about her marriage to John. In a recent interview, she gushed about the pros of being married to the Grease star. “There [are] too many best things! His lips, dancing, fun, laughing. [We still dance] all the time,” Kelly shared with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. “[Our] kids dance with us, we dance at the house. We go out dancing. Yeah, I love it.”

The duo has been hitched for 26 years, and after nearly three decades, Kelly previously revealed the secret to their happy union. “Keep checking in, and keep growing, and changing,” she once told Closer. “Keep doing things, just the two of you.”