Keanu Reeves is as down-to-earth a superstar as they come, but his ultra-relaxed approach to lifestyle and security concerns his friends who think it’s time he took better care of himself and prioritized his own wellness and safety, a friend tells Closer exclusively.

“The huge problem here is that Keanu is such a cool, level-headed guy, and so brilliant at managing his own career choices, that you incorrectly assume Keanu’s got impeccable and perfect judgement,” one of Keanu’s closest current associates explains.

“But then you have to really look at his behavior: the constant refusal of security or even a chauffeur, the fact that he still mostly lives alone when he’s in Los Angeles or on the road, and of course all the stunts and training he’s subjected himself to in the last 20 years especially – it all adds up to a lifestyle with too many close calls and a regular proximity to actual danger,” says the insider.

Keanu, 59, starred in four John Wick films between 2014 and 2023. For the movies, he trained with master shooter Taran Butler of famed Taran Tactical for his gunwork, while learning various martial arts for the brutal fight scenes. The Matrix star did nearly all of his own stunts for the hyper-violent action films.

“Keanu would rather drive himself around in a 20-year-old car than be driven in a limo with bulletproof glass,” the source continues. “Keanu’s selflessness is no act – it comes from a pretty deep place and he’s occasionally open about how it relates to some real tragedies he’s experienced in his mostly charmed life. He’s grateful for everything but the only thing Keanu takes for granted is his personal safety.”

Keanu Reeves Refuses 'Security,' Takes Safety 'for Granted'
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“He covers for that, to some extent, by overtraining for stunts and working with the best people in the business, but if you care about the guy, you can’t help but wonder when all of this is going to catch up with him,” the source adds.

Keanu’s Los Angeles home was targeted by burglars in December 2023. Several men in ski masks were seen on security tape smashing a window to enter the house. The actor wasn’t home at the time, but the burglars made off with at least one firearm.

The Point Break star’s lawyer went to court on Keanu’s behalf in February 2023 to request a temporary restraining order for himself and girlfriend Alexandra Grant after a man trespassed onto his L.A. property six times between November 2022 and January 2023.

Bryan Dixon claimed he was related to the Speed icon and allegedly left a backpack on Keanu’s property during one break-in attempt that contained a DNA test. A judge ordered Dixon to stay at least 100 yards away from Keanu and Alexandra.