Thanks for the perfect pick-me-up, Katie Couric! The former Today show favorite took to Instagram on Monday, April 29, to share an epic throwback video of The Osmonds sharing the stage with Cher in the 1970s. 

“If this doesn’t get you going this morning, nothing will. Long live @Cher and The Osmonds (hi @DonnyOsmond),” the 62-year-old TV personality captioned the incredible clip as the performers sang a sweet rendition of Stevie Wonder‘s “Superstition.” Katie added the hashtags, “#mondaymotivation #wheresmarie #happymonday #bringbackthe70’s #wellmaybenot.”

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In the video that Katie shared, reposted by AFlashBak, Cher, 72, can be seen belting out the hit song as the music group The Osmonds sings along while dancing in the background. The family of performers were dressed in true 70s fashion as they all wore electric purple jumpsuits that matched almost perfectly to the one Cher was in.

It seems like fans weren’t the only ones who were excited about the video appearing on their social media feed. Donny Osmond — who was apart of The Osmonds alongside his brothers, Merrill Osmond, Jay Osmond, David Osmond, Alan Osmond, Wayne Osmond and Jimmy Osmond, before venturing off with his sister Marie Osmond — took to the comment section of Katie’s and hilariously expressed his feelings towards the throwback.

Marie Osmond Siblings
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“Hi @KatieCouric! Now THIS is a great way to kick off the week. Hoping and praying those jumpsuits don’t make a comeback …” the former teen idol quipped with the America Inside Out host. Donny, 61, also reposted the video to his own Instagram page. “Didn’t expect to see this treasure from the #OsmondFamily fashion files today, @KatieCouric,” he wrote in the caption. “The #1970s clearly got the best of us! @Cher, on the other hand, clearly got the best of the #70s. Who else would like to see her bring back that incredible hair?”

Longtime fans of Donny and his siblings couldn’t help but reminisce about the days when The Osmonds were bigger than ever. “I love this! I miss the days when you performed with your brothers!” one fan wrote among hundreds of comments. “Something to be said for the phrase, ‘The good old days.’ They were extremely happy days that have continued to the present day,” wrote another. We couldn’t be happier that Donny, Marie and the rest of the Osmonds are still rockin’ and rollin’ to this day!