Just one week after Marie Osmond announced her friend Kim Goodwin‘s death, she paid tribute to him by singing a “very special song” in his honor.

“The last time that I sang this I lost my son,” Marie, 59, told the crowd at the Flamingo Resort in Las Vegas about Michael Blosil who committed suicide at the age of 19 in 2010. “Tonight, I would like to sing it one more time because there is a very special person in the audience tonight, and that is Kim Goodwin’s mom, Miko. We love you, Miko.”

Marie shared the heartwarming video to Instagram on Sunday, April 21, and it has already been viewed nearly 20,000 at the time of publishing. “I am posting because it has great meaning to me,” Marie wrote. “Because I know how hard it is to lose a child, I hoped it would bring her some comfort and joy knowing how much we all loved her Kimmy.”

The song Marie sings in the clip — which you can watch in full on Facebook — is “Somewhere” from West Side Story. In addition to being in the Broadway show and the film adaptation, it has been famously covered by the Supremes, Barbra Streisand and Phil Collins. It is also sometimes known as “Somewhere (There’s a Place for Us)” or simply “There’s a Place for Us.”

“While I was introducing the song, I said, ‘The most important part of this song is knowing I will see him again,'” Marie continued. Kim wasn’t just special to Marie, but to brother Donny Osmond as well. In the wake of the his tragic loss, Donny took to Instagram to mourn him.

“I am heartbroken to inform you that my friend Kim Goodwin passed away on Sunday afternoon,” he wrote. “Kim started out as our hair and makeup guru and eventually became like family to us. I was able to spend some time with Kim last Wednesday. Even though he was quite ill and bedridden, we laughed and joked about all of the great memories we’ve shared over the years.”

“Kim was unbelievably talented. Not only did he do our hair and makeup, he prepared all of our publicity shots — even the building wraps on the Flamingo,” he recalled. “He was loved and adored by everyone he worked with. Our entire cast and crew will miss him dearly. Godspeed, my dear friend Kim. #RIP #UntilWeMeetAgain.”

Our hearts go out to the Osmonds at this time.

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