Queen Elizabeth won’t be around forever and Kate Middleton is reportedly doing all she can to prove that she has what it takes to handle being England’s future Queen by being all about charities next year.

The 36-year-old is reportedly hoping to announce a care initiative for struggling children in 2019. A family friend of Kate’s explained to the UK’s Daily Express, “There are those who are satisfied to turn up to get headlines and raise money, and there are those who want to get stuck in and make a difference. That is very much [Kate].” The friend added, “If you’re looking for the causes of poverty, poor mental health, poor housing, and poor social care, the politics also have to be dealt with. So there might be bumpy times ahead for her.”

“But she has given this everything she’s got and is determined to make it work. [Kate] would be the last person in the world to use the phrase Queen of Hearts but if the crown fits…?” the friend said. The Duchess of Cambridge’s campaign is allegedly being coordinated with the Royal Foundation charity, which is set up by Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry.

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton
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The Queen and Prince Charles are reportedly completely backing Kate’s future plans. Psychologist and Professor Peter Fonagy from the University College London had this to say: “[Kate] came with a very deep interest about childhood and the influence of childhood on later development. She was surprisingly well informed.” He added, “What we have come to understand is just how important the early years can be in influencing the choices people make in life. She is in a remarkable position to raise awareness.”

So it certainly seems that when Kate eventually becomes Queen she will be using her position to help as many people as she can. But no word yet if Kate will continue to drive her Range Rover. Hey, it might be time to upgrade at that point.

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