It’s hard to imagine Kate Middleton as the Queen of England considering Queen Elizabeth, 92, is still the monarch, but that day will eventually come — and the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly doing all she can to prepare to take over the throne.

“Kate is very carefully grooming herself for that role,” royal reporter Tina Brown explained to Us Weekly in a new interview, while noting that Prince Harry‘s wife, Meghan Markle, “is not the next in line to be queen.” She confessed, “I think Meghan, who’s smart, must be very careful and aware that actually for all the glamour and excitement surrounding her.”

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“Meghan is going to have to realize, I mean, I think she does realize, and I think she’s handling it very well at the moment, actually, that she’s not going to just provoke, sort of, catty comparisons,” Brown continued. “I can’t even imagine what it must be like going into a world like that not knowing what to expect.” She added, “Each move and calculation has to be properly planned.”

Brown also noted during the sit-down that she feels Meg will face a lot of the same issues as her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, did when it comes to her popularity. “I think she’s doing an amazing job, but I think, funny enough, she’s going to face many of the problems that Diana faced or is facing,” she shared.

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The former Vanity Fair editor continued, “When Diana first married [Prince] Charles and all the way through, really, the palace had this phrase they would use about it, which was ‘The Upstage Problem.’ Right? And that Upstage Problem was about the fact that nobody wanted to hear anything about Charles, everybody wanted to hear from Diana. Now, it’s somewhat different because Prince Harry has a lot of charisma himself so people do love Harry, but the rest of the Royals are beginning to get, I think, a little over it in terms of the obsession with Meghan and Harry and Meghan and Meghan and Meghan.”

It seems with Kate’s preparations to become Queen, there’s no way Meg will be able to upstage her — no matter her popularity!

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