Seven years and three babies after she married into the British royal family, Kate Middleton is seemingly dressing more and more like Queen Elizabeth every day — perhaps in an effort to prepare for the day she becomes Queen herself! When the Duchess of Cambridge returned to royal work after her maternity leave last month, eagle-eyed royal fans began to notice that she has been discreetly changing up her style.

While the 36-year-old’s typical fashion go-to’s include (or included) feminine silhouettes, print tops, skinny jeans, and pumps, she’s now starting to wear more bold colors — one of the many things that Elizabeth is known for. The Queen, 92, loves wearing colorful monochromatic ensembles during royal outings because that way she can be easily spotted in a crowd!

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth
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In the past, Kate might’ve opted for a softer-hued dress, but when she and her husband, Prince William, attended the Tusk Conservation Awards in London on Nov. 8, the Duchess instead donned a gorgeous, turquoise gown. She also rocked a pretty, purple dress at the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit on Oct. 9. And, at Princess Eugenie’s October royal wedding, Kate chose another Queen Elizabeth-inspired bright fuschia dress paired with matching shoes and a bold fascinator.

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Another fashion hack that Elizabeth often practices is re-wearing the same outfits over and over again (if it ain’t broke, why fix it?!) something that Kate is known for as well. Bethan Holt, writing for the Irish Independent, recently commented that the subtle changes in Kate’s wardrobe are reflecting her status as a “Queen-in-waiting.”

Holt also noted how Kate’s taken inspiration from “two of the Queen’s favorite fashion approaches — wearing bold colors so that she can be easily spotted in a crowd and showing thriftiness by using the same pieces over and over again.” If it works for the Queen and Kate, then it works for us!

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