A real life action star! Kate Hudson was all about throwing parties growing up in Hollywood, but now she’s revealing that mega-star Tom Cruise once did all he could to attend one of her gatherings.

The Almost Famous actress, 40, and her brother Oliver, 43, appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, February 20, and touched on the massive parties they used to set-up once their parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were out of the house. They would get so crazy that Kate had to monitored who entered.

“I’m standing at the door making sure that people who aren’t supposed to be at the party aren’t coming in — there’s like 400 people at my parent’s house,” the A-lister recalled. “I’m kind of freaking out a little and I see someone scaling, literally scaling, an eight-foot gate at my parents’ house. They come off and they do a back handspring and pose and I’m about to yell at this guy, and it’s Tom Cruise.”

Tom Cruise
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Kate of course greeted the star, 57, who was not invited, but decided to make a cameo because he “heard there was a party.”

“So that’s how he gets everywhere — he just scales things,” host Ellen DeGeneres joked, to which the blonde beauty replied, “Yes! He is Mission: Impossible! It’s wild.”

The famous siblings appeared on the popular talk show to promote their podcast “Sibling Rivalry,” which they’ve used as a platform to share some personal stories, including the time they found out their mom was about to have another child.

Kate Hudson
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“One Christmas, Santa leaves a little present and we all see it,” the Bride Wars costar said on the first episode of their podcast. “It was in the chimney. There were sleigh tracks going off of the roof. Blitzen’s bells had come off of his neck and they were laying in the snow on the roof and then stuck in the chimney was a present that got left behind,” Oliver added.

“We open the present from Santa because we didn’t know what it was and it was a little onesie. And we were like, ‘What does this mean?’ Cut to, mom and pa were pregnant,” the Weight Watchers ambassador continued. “It was a great way to kind of slip it in there with the kids that there might be a kid on the way. And mom and pa are preggers with little Wyatt. Wyatt Russell.” Aww!