If only we had a body like Kate Flannery‘s! The 55-year-old credited her amazing physique to competing on Dancing with the Stars.

“I lost about 15 pounds — actually a little bit more, closer to 20! And the pain in the neck with that is I feel like I have to keep it up because everybody’s looking,” the former The Office actress, who currently a guest star on Dancing With the Stars‘ 2020 live tour, tells Closer Weekly As for her diet, Kate says she’s had to stop eating some of the things she used to enjoy.

“I’m trying to make sure my costumes don’t have to have an elastic waist put in,” she laughs. “So yeah I’ve just been trying to cut out sweets and bread. I know, boo-hoo!”

At the end of the day, it’s all worth it once Kate sees how much progress she’s making. “I mostly do the elliptical. I do like low impact or I do the treadmill. I don’t do super high impact, just because it’s not worth it yet,” the actress explains about her workout routine. “But yeah, it’s been such a gift and I feel like I’ve had much more energy.”

Not only that, but touring with Jane Lynch for their album A Swingin’ Little Christmas has allowed Kate to get even more physically fit than expected. “We’ve been touring ’cause we were on the Billboard Top 10 for a few weeks so this was our third year with a big Christmas tour and I feel like I had so much more energy because of dancing, even though I don’t dance in that show,” the red-headed beauty reveals. “I feel like it’s helped my singing, it’s helped everything! We just did 12 cities last month and that was really fun.”

“The thing is I’m 55, so I just feel like I’m trying to really live the truth of ‘you get another chapter’ and ‘it’s okay to do something that feels uncomfortable at first,'” she added. “It actually gets easier, it gets better and, you know, you can’t do exactly what you did when you were younger. But I’m moving much more than I ever thought I could at this age which is amazing. Such a gift, such a gift!”

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Reporting by Diana Cooper