Fans of ​‘80s ​teen movies likely know Jon Cryer as the lovable but forlorn Ducky from the John Hughes film Pretty in Pink. Since then, he’s starred in several other films and TV shows like Two and a Half Men, and he became a proud dad! With Andrew McCarthy’s documentary, Brats, which focuses on the teen stars of ​the 1980s, set to premiere on June 13, 2024, fans have become curious about Jon’s kids.

Jon Cryer Is a Dad of 2 Kids

Jon is the father of two children. His oldest, Charlie, was born on June 27, 2000. At the time, Jon was married to his now ex-wife, Sarah Trigger. Following his split from Sarah, Jon began dating Lisa Joyner. The couple married in 2007, and in 2009, Jon and Lisa adopted their daughter, Daisy.

What Has Jon Cryer Said About Being a Dad?

In January 2024, Jon said that he learned that the key to parenting is letting his kids go.

“What I’ve learned from raising kids is that control is an illusion,” the Hot Shots! star told People in an article published on January 1, 2024. “You’re bringing people into the world and who they become and where they go in the world is really up to them. It’s a cliche, but it is all about letting go. It’s all about realizing the limits of what you can do and seeing how this soul goes through their lives and the world.”

While a lot of parents struggle with letting their kids leave the proverbial nest, Jon said there was an upside to it.

Jon Cryer Is a Dad of 2 Kids! Get to Know His Children
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“My older son is twenty-three, and I love being an adult parent, because I can be myself more with my son. I can know him as an adult,” he told the publication. “Obviously, I’ll offer advice when he asks. But other than that, we can just be together, and the relationship can just be.”

Jon Cryer Joked That Son Charlie Was ‘Scarred’ by ‘Two and a Half Men’

After Two and a Half Men ended, Jon went on to work on the TV show Extended Family. He said that neither of his kids were “what he would call fans” of his work, but the Big Time Adolescence star revealed that Charlie was once “scarred” by Two and a Half Men.

“He was over at a friend’s house and an episode that was deeply weird came up,” Jon told the hosts of The Talk in March 2024. “It was an episode where Charlie [Sheen] and I, who are brothers on the show, and we wake up in bed together, and we’re trying to remember what happened the night before that got us in bed together … There’s one part where I have a flashback to me, shirtless, wearing a Marilyn Monroe wig, singing ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President,’ and that’s the part he saw. So, he has a very skewed idea of what I did on that show.”