Another show back from the dead? And that pun is intended, as Charlie Sheen would be completely for a Two and a Half Men revival, and he revealed he “would do it today,” even if his character was killed off … twice.

“Just what I hear in the street, how much people would embrace that,” the 53-year-old told Us Weekly of the fan support he believes he would have to bring back the CBS program. Although he says he hasn’t “been in touch with anybody [from the show].”

Charlie Sheen two and a half men
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The actor, who can next be seen in the Planters Peanuts Super Bowl ad, explained his reasoning for wanting the sitcom to return. “It’d be cool to finish the saga on a different note. It would be nice to have some closure there and just finish the story as it should have been told,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter what happened at the end, how they got rated on the show. I think if I just walk through the door, return, whatever [and] say, ‘Alan, you’re not going to believe it,’ after that is what happened.” Charlie adds that he believes a revival of the show “would burn the world down.”

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The Chuck Lorre comedy lasted for twelve seasons, and the Major League star’s character of Charlie Harper stuck around for nine of them. And that’s because he was killed off, first being struck by a train, and then again in the series finale as a piano falls on him, a final jab by Chuck after the two had some off-screen drama.

The show’s cast also included Jon CryerAngus T. Jones and Ashton Kutcher, the latter who stepped in after Charlie’s character was killed off. No word yet if any of the other actors would be on board for a Two and a Half Men reboot. Although we’re sure some fans are clamoring for it. Are you?