Welcome to the Full House, Billy! John Stamos just introduced his baby son to his former co-stars Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin, he shared with a sweet new Instagram photo on Thursday, May 10.

"The Tin Man, Dorothy, and The Scarecrow say hi to the cutest of Munchkins #BillyandtheRippers," he captioned the sweet pic of himself, Bob, and Lori gushing over little Billy in his Jesse and the Rippers onesie. It's so cute to see his little guy repping his dad's iconic band on Full House!

Lori — who played John's on-screen wife, Rebecca Donaldson on the hit sitcom — previously gushed about how she thinks John is going to be a "great dad." She shared, "I don’t think John needs any parental advice. I think John is going to be a great dad, but of course, he knows I’m here for him should he need any [advice] but I think him and Caitlin have it covered."

John and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, previously announced they were expecting in December 2017, married in early February 2018, and welcomed Billy in April 2018. John has been gushing about wanting kids for a long time, he was just waiting for the right woman.

"No, you know, people are probably sick of me saying I always wanted a kid but it just happened and I guess I was waiting for the perfect wife, which I have," John shared in a previous interview. "Caitlin, she’s been so graceful through this whole thing. [Her delivery] was about 20 minutes. A little baby came out and he looked just like Don Rickles," he joked.

And now, John and Caitlin are already discussing their very own Full House! "She's already talking about baby No. 2," John revealed in a recent interview with Life & Style. "We just finished decorating the house… [and] she's already on the internet looking at new homes that are bigger!" We're ready when you guys are!