Joanna Gaines and her youngest son, Crew Gaines, are the ultimate gardening buddies! The Magnolia Network host gushed over sharing experiences with her little one in their Waco, Texas, home and backyard full of plants and crops. 

“My favorite thing to do when we get home from a trip is check the garden with Crew,” Joanna, 45, captioned a recent Instagram video of her son. “So many changes in just a week. Butterflies dancing and apples and tomatoes growing!”

This wasn’t the first time Joanna shared a video of her little guy hanging out in the garden. It’s obvious that Crew, 5, has a green thumb just like his mom. The youngster has become the star of his Joanna’s Instagram account with videos from the Gaines family’s greenhouse and his adorable commentary about taking care of all of the plants. 

The famous family just got back from a magical trip to Mexico where they spent their days by the beach and the pool and checking out some of the local spots. Joanna and her husband, Chip Gaines, are also parents to kids, Drake, Ella Rose, Duke and Emmie Kay in addition to Crew. 

Back on February 21, the mom of five posted a carousel of photos on Instagram of Crew picking some of the colorful flowers in the garden to make a small bouquet. 

“Crew is very happy to report that the wait is finally over, and the daffodils, anemones and tulips have all started to come up!” Joanna captioned the post. “He loves to ‘pet and smell’ them. We can’t wait for the spring garden to be in full bloom.” 

Now that the garden is in full bloom, Joanna and the kiddos will definitely be spending even more time outdoors. In March 2022, Joanna shared a video of Crew saying goodnight to all of his plants. 

“Before the sun sets, he tells his little plants goodnight and to not let the (bed) bugs bite!” she gushed over her sweet son. 

A few years prior, Joanna posted several glimpses of the strawberries she grew in the garden and Crew’s adorable urge to eat some of them. 

“This is Crew’s version of quality control,” the Magnolia Table author captioned an April 2020 set of photos.