Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is ready for spring! To celebrate the upcoming season, she got a brand new manicure and showed off the stunning results on her Instagram Stories on Friday, March 6.

“OK, I have to share. I got my little nails done today and I went with this fun yellow lemon-lime color,” the 41-year-old beauty said while showing off her nails. “Guys, I’m all about spring. Let’s go! I’m ready.”

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Hi from my car. Happy Friday! #weekendvibes

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After Jennifer waved her hand in the front of the camera a few times, she explained why some people may say her hands look like they’re “150 years old.”

“Do you want to know why?” she asked. “Because I keep washing my hands every 30 seconds. I’ll do something and then I’m like, ‘Crap, I got to wash my hands again. So my hands are aging right before your very eyes. Right before my eyes and it’s terrifying and I apologize to those of you who have seen them.”

However, due to the Coronavirus situation, Jennifer isn’t taking any chances. In fact, she says she’s come up with a good way to stop people from worrying about the virus.

“Can I just say that instead of being worried about Corona, I would like to drink Corona. Right?” The I Know What You Did Last Summer star said with a laugh. “Let’s change it up. While worried about Corona, drink Corona. This has been a public service announcement by yours truly.” Ha!

Jennifer is right. We all need to start living our best lives. One way she’s already done this is by getting a brand new haircut. The brunette beauty displayed her wavy bob hairdo in a video she shared to Instagram on Wednesday, March 4.

“New look and new vibes! I’m feeling ready for joy, light, love, fun and silly energy,” the mom to two kids — Autumn, 6, and Atticus, 4 — captioned the post. “Asking the universe around me to make space for me and those I love to feel unapologetic joy and gratitude. Sending that and more to all of you! @nikkilee901 thank you for making my hair so fun and new.”

We need to follow Jennifer’s lead and start getting ready for spring a.s.a.p!