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This Is What Celebs Would Look Like If They Kept Their Iconic ’90s Hairstyles

Although today it seems like everyone has long, sleek tresses or carefully crafted bobs, back in the '90s hair was big, haircuts were pointy, and everyone had their own special 'do that made them stand out. For Nicole Kidman, it was her vibrant curly red tresses, and for Jennifer Aniston? That famous "Rachel" haircut, of course. In fact, the more we reminisce about '90s styles, the more we wish today's stars wore the trademark looks that made them famous. How much we wish Julia Roberts had her big Pretty Woman locks back or Drew Barrymore had her famous short blonde mane again! Because we miss celebs' old styles so much, we decided to edit some photos to see what A-listers might look like today if they wore their hair like they did in the '90s. Honestly, after looking at the results, we think a few of these celebs should return to these old 'dos!