It looks like John Miller apparently may become a ghost of his girlfriend’s past. And that girlfriend is Jennifer Garner. The Peppermint actress is allegedly “stepping back” from the relationship with her CEO boyfriend to focus on more important things in her life, a source recently dished to ET.

“Jen has slowed things down with John since the word got out they were dating,” the insider revealed. “Jen’s children, career, and Ben [Affleck] are her main focus at the moment and she is not ready for anything too serious.”

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The source added that talking about what’s on her mind to friends has helped Jen, 46, come to this realization. “Privately, she has told friends she doesn’t want to be deeply committed at the moment,” the insider said while ensuring that her pals are in full support of her. “She wants to focus on family, career, and getting Ben back on track.” Aww.

Jen allegedly “enjoys her time with John,” but is worried about moving too fast. The award-winning actress is supposedly especially concerned about her getting her heart broken again.

The brunette beauty’s plate is not only full from taking care of her three kids, Violet, 13, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6, but keeping her ex-husband’s sobriety in check as well. “She still communicates with Ben almost daily because his sobriety is so important, she wants to be a strong support and he leans on her a lot,” the source added. “She truly is a great friend to him and an amazing mother.”



News of Jen and John’s speculated relationship began making headlines in October, supposedly around the same time that Ben, 46, and Jen’s divorce was officially finalized. While the source shared that “Ben is actually very supportive of Jen’s relationship,” he apparently grieves many mistakes that he has made.

“Ben regrets so many of his actions in the past. He loves his family and knows his priority should have been them all along,” the source shared. “The good news is that they work incredibly hard on keeping their family unit working for the children, despite the fact they are no longer married.” Looks like co-parenting is doing them wonders!