I will spare you all from my um… the… um Jeff Goldblum impression (not sorry), but I will tell you all that Jeff has therapy to thank for him wanting to become a father in the later years of his life.

The 66-year-old actor recently told Jonathan Ross on his UK talk show The Jonathan Ross Show that it is because of therapy that he finally decided to become a father in his sixties. This coming after years and years of Jeff saying “no thanks” to little ones, claiming he was “too busy” and “self-involved” for kids. But that all changed after his wife, 35-year-old Emilie Livingston, mentioned therapy to him.

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“[Emilie] said, ‘Jeez, this is going so well, what if we had a baby?’ And I had flirted with the idea before and was glad that I hadn’t and had confirmed to myself that I wasn’t going to,” Jeff said. “It wasn’t until a year later when we went to my therapist and excavated and brought to the surface all of my considerations that I became clear and wildly enthusiastic about it.”

Jeff, who most recently appeared on Hotel Artemis, also had this to say to Jonathan: “I am glad I didn’t have kids until now really. I don’t know that I was equipped and I was busy and probably more self-involved than I’m possibly capable of now, we’ll see. I do enjoy my kids now.”

And now Jeff and Emilie are happy parents to three-year-old Charlie and little one-year-old River Joe.

Jeff now seems to be living his best life as he continues to get big-time roles, even coming back to the Jurassic Park franchise in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. “I look back on some things and think, ‘I could have done better.’ I feel I am on the brink of my better and maybe best pretending and work,” Jeff added.

But Jeff, let’s not talk about Independence Day: Resurgence ever again. Deal? Deal.