Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are seemingly having quite a good time dating and New Orleans is serving as a heck of a backdrop for all of their love adventures. Sources have told Life & Style magazine that Jamie and Katie have been spending a lot of romantic nights together out and about in the “Big Easy.”

The pair is allegedly living together in NOLA while they each spend time on their individual projects — Katie is filming The Secret and Jamie is busy on Power. A source tells the outlet, “Once they’ve wrapped, Katie and Jamie will go off together for a romantic dinner or take a walk around the French Quarter.” The source also added that instead of walking through the city, Jamie and Katie will sometimes “go back to their place and order in.”

Katie Homes and Jamie FOxx
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A source recently told In Touch Weekly all about Jamie and Katie’s home, revealing that they are indeed “shacking up,” and that, “Jamie’s completely head-over-heels in love with Katie and can’t bear to be apart from his girlfriend. Whenever he’s not working, he flies to New Orleans to be by her side and support her.” The source continued, “Katie’s a huge fan of the city, but having Jamie there with her makes it feel like home and even more fun!”

While Jamie and Kate’s relationship has been extremely private up until now, it does seem like the pair is very happy. And Jamie may need Katie’s comfort after his latest movie Robin Hood completely bombed. But not to worry because Jamie will have time to rebound from that disaster as he currently has six movies on the slate for the near future including playing Spawn in a reboot. And aside from The Secret, Katie is wrapping up production on the drama film Coda, starring Patrick Stewart.