Though Jamie Foxx and his longtime girlfriend, Katie Holmes, have been dating for more than five years, OK! magazine has reported that the 50-year-old comedian still has yet to meet her parents. But now that they recently (and finally!) made their relationship public, Katie, 39, is allegedly ready to bring Jamie home to meet her family in Ohio.

However, according to a source, Jamie has been having second thoughts “because he knows [Katie’s family will] grill him about why they were sneaking around for so long.” Despite Jamie’s understandable concerns, Katie is still very adamant that her parents meet her boyfriend. The source said that “it’s important to her” and she’s “insisting that it happens sooner rather than later.”

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Last year, Jamie and Katie finally took their relationship public when they were seen flirting out in the open. At first, “Katie was super worried about the public attention,” an insider previously told Us Weekly, adding that she put an end to their private romance because she was “tired of playing that game.”

When Katie and Jamie finally engaged in some PDA, their friends apparently weren’t very surprised to learn about their relationship. “He could often be overheard talking flirtatiously to someone on the phone and excited to wrap up work and go home,” an insider noted of Jamie’s on-set behavior. “It’s been obvious that he’s had someone special in his life for a long time.”

A source close to the couple even told Us Weekly that Jamie and Katie now have a “very, very serious” relationship and the actress is “head over heels.” The two seem to be very much in love, so Jamie might ultimately decide to visit Katie’s parents soon!