Taking a step back! Katie Holmes has been secretly dating Jamie Foxx for four years — and the two have somehow managed to keep their relationship mostly under wraps during that time. While rumors have recently swirled that Katie, 38, and Jamie, 49, are ready to the tie knot, a source close to the couple recently told Us Weekly Jamie still “isn’t ready to get married.”

“He’s been so busy with movies and all of his other businesses that he knows he can’t be a good boyfriend to her,” an insider explained. Still, “he brings a lot of joy into her life and he’s happy with Katie. They’re still dating. It’s been hard to find that balance, but they’re happy and they care about each other a lot.”

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Katie (left) and Jamie (right).

Earlier this year, Katie and Jamie spent a few romantic days together in Paris —
where Jamie was filming Robin Hood — and managed to stay completely out of sight of photographers, spending time together at the luxe Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme. Last year, Katie was spotted at a Barbra Streisand concert supporting her boyfriend as he took the stage. They even previously sparked rumors they were engaged when they both stepped out with matching gold rings. A few months later, the couple was spotted ringing in the New Year in Miami — and an eyewitness saw them “holding hands and walking near the pool” at the SoHo House.

“To make it impossible to get photo evidence that they are together, they traveled in cars with tinted windows and took secret back elevators. They had it down to a science,” a source recently told Us Weekly. However, reports have claimed Katie “is tired of playing the hiding game” and really wants to take her relationship with Jamie public. “[Katie] used to be super worried about public attention,” an insider said. “[Now], they’re going to go out to dinner more and are talking about a trip to Europe.”

Katie’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise, has also moved on from their marriage as well with his new girlfriend! “Tom is thrilled to have new romance since Katie and Jaime’s romance looks to be serious. He is no fool and it still kinda irks him that Katie has moved on from their marriage,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Tom has not had anyone serious or special in his life since Katie, so he is happy that he finally has something exciting and new. It feels good for him to have someone for himself that takes his mind of his ex Katie and what she is up to.”