She puts family first! It seems Goldie Hawn is more than happy spending her newfound free time with her six adorable grandkids. A family insider close to the Overboard actress exclusively offered up some insight to Closer Weekly on the heartwarming bond Goldie shares with her little ones.

“Goldie is the best Glam-ma ever,” the source revealed to Closer, noting that the 73-year-old beauty couldn’t be more in love with daughter Kate Hudson and son Oliver Hudson‘s kids. “She and Kate are super close, but Goldie and Kate’s children, who all call her ‘GoGo,’ have a very special bond.” Aww!

They explained that the Golden Globe winner’s favorite hobby is spending time with Kate’s kids — Ryder, 15, Bingham, 8, and Rani Rose, 1 — as well as Oliver’s children — Wilder, 12, Bodhi, 9, and Rio, 6. “Rani Rose, Kate’s youngest, and the boys, Bingham and Ryder, consider GoGo their go-to for fun, and Goldie loves that,” the insider shared. “Imagine Goldie Hawn being your grandmother? It’s 24/7 fun and laughter.”

According to the source, Goldie isn’t the only fun grandparent in their family. The insider explained that the Death Becomes Her actress’ longtime love, Kurt Russell, is just as laid-back when it comes to parenting their grandkids. “Anything goes at Goldie and Kurt’s home,” the source explained. “All the grandkids have a blast at GoGo’s and that’s made Kate and Goldie’s bond even tighter.”

Not only is she a fun person to be around, but the source told Closer that Goldie’s kids are extra grateful they have a responsible parent to watch their kiddos. “Kate knows that when she drops her kids off at her mom’s house, or Goldie comes to hers, her children are safe and sound, learning and laughing,” they gushed. “There’s no better feeling than that. Kate knows she’s blessed to have Goldie in her life and especially her kids’ lives.”

With the holidays just around the corner, we bet Goldie and Kurt, 68, can’t wait to spend Christmas with their grandkids. Last year, the Tombstone actor opened up about their annual traditions and gushed over spending the holidays with his growing family.

“We always trim the tree on Christmas Eve and we have a big meal,” Kurt told Closer in an exclusive interview at the time. After dinner, “the grandkids put their pajamas on and hang up their stockings. We get the fire going and when it gets dark we always choose someone to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Goldie and Kurt couldn’t be more doting grandparents!

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