It wasn’t exactly love at first sight between Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman! Well, they both liked each other, but in a new interview, the country singer claimed he didn’t think he had a shot with the actress 13 years ago. So, how did Keith and Nicole meet?

It all started back in 2005 at the G’Day USA gala. But instead of Nicole being the one to play hard to get, Keith was the one who actually gave some pushback. “I thought she was way out of my league. I’m a kid from Brissy and somewhere along the line I ended up meeting Nic. Not in a million years did I think I would end up with her,” Keith confessed during a new candid interview with Andrew Denton, according to Now To Love.

nicole kidman and keith urban
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He then went on to chronicle details from that night they first met. “When I met her there was just this aura that seemed so out of reach,” Keith continued. 

Perhaps that’s why it took Keith four months to call her! Yes, you read that correctly. “I had her phone number for a while and I was thinking if I call her she’s going to answer, what do I say. But I was in a place, a not very healthy place in my life,” he shared of the early stages of their relationship. “I never thought she would be ever interested in me. But one day I plucked up the courage, I called her she answered and we talked and talked and talked and it was effortlessly. It was like we grew up side by side.”

He continued, “It was a conspiracy of angels. Friends of hers and mine kept on encouraging it. And we gravitated towards each other very quickly.”

Keith and Nicole ended up marrying in June 2006 and the couple is parents to two daughters, Sunday, 10, and Faith, 7. Let’s just say we’re glad Keith ended up calling Nicole!