She can do anything! Mom-of-four Nicole Kidman bravely took on a giant tarantula that was found in her backyard earlier this week. Nicole, 51, was able to capture the insect and safely place it in an upside down drinking glass, but before that, the actress hilariously recorded her youngest daughters’ reactions to the huge spider appearing in their yard.

On Sunday, July 29, Nicole shared the video on her Instagram account for her 1.6 million followers to watch. “House guest! Catch and release… spider released unharmed and healthy. Happy Sunday,” she captioned the clip. Watch Nicole’s tarantula video below!  

Even though Nicole’s kids are not seen in the video, they can be heard cutely screaming in the background. “Get back, mom! Step back!” either Sunday Rose, 10, or Faith Margaret, 7, shouts before her sister says, “It’s a tarantula, right mom?” 

Luckily the actress was home when the arachnid decided to visit her and husband Keith Urban‘s humble abode. And, we’re totally impressed with how calm, cool, and collected Nicole was about the whole spider scare. “I’m having to take care of this spider, help,” she said while holding the trapped insect up to the camera in her Instagram video. 

Spiders might be scary for some people but Nicole has always been comfortable around bugs. Earlier this year, she revealed to Vanity Fair that she actually enjoys eating bugs! 

(photo credit: r/r)

In a video shared by the magazine, Nicole digested a four-course meal full of nothing but bugs. “Just a little side note,” she said in the video. “Two billion people in the world eat bugs… and I’m one of them!” We love your obsession with insects, Nic!