Since John Tesh is in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, he’s come up with fun ways to stay entertained. The beloved TV star and musician exclusively tells Closer Weekly he’s bonding with wife Connie Sellecca and their daughter, Prima Tesh, by “baking” and doing other fun family pastimes.

“Both my daughter, who’s 26, and my wife have gone crazy with baking bread! So I’m a mess,” the 67-year-old reveals, jokingly adding, “I don’t know how much weight I put on!”

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“I’ll wake up in the morning and there’s the smell of banana bread and just regular bread and pumpkin bread,” he continues. “They made pumpkin pot pies … there’s just a lot of food everywhere!”

Besides munching on delicious snacks prepared by the Greatest American Hero actress, 64, and Prima, John tells Closer he bonds with his family over his career as a composer. In fact, the former Entertainment Tonight host says his love for music is something he and his daughter have in common.

“We’re connected as performers, so she’s a ballerina and a modern dancer, and she tours with us actually,” he explains. “So she dances with us and even when she was a little kid, she grew up underneath my piano, so we’re connected that way.”

Although John has been indulging in sweet treats, he’s been doing his best to stay healthy in quarantine. Considering he’s been “cancer-free” since 2018, John tells Closer he staying “healed” with a good daily regimen of “diet” and “exercise.”

“I really don’t [have any restrictions],” the American pianist explains, noting Connie and his step-son, Gib Gerard, help keep him focused. “Both my wife and my son are on the ketogenic diet. I was on it when I was sick, but I eat pretty well.”

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The “Roundball Rock” performer — who hosted a six-hour live Facebook fundraiser with Connie and Gib, 38, to support frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic in late April — is also staying in shape with exercise.

“We live on a piece of land that has about 150 steps that go down into a valley,” he shares. “So I’m on those steps every day and that keeps me grounded. If I don’t wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. in the morning and exercise, then the rest of my day is [shot].”

We hope John and his family are staying safe!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper.