Since John Tesh got the good news he was “cancer-free” in 2018, he’s doing everything he can to stay healthy and in the best shape possible. The beloved TV star and musician exclusively tells Closer Weekly he’s staying “healed” with a good daily regimen of “diet” and “exercise.”

“I really don’t [have any restrictions],” the 67-year-old reveals, pointing out his wife, Connie Sellecca, and step-son, Gib Gerard, help keep him on track — especially in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“I mean, both my wife and my son are on the ketogenic diet,” he continues, referring to the weight loss program in which you eat a very low amount of carbs and a lot of fat. “I was on it when I was sick, but I eat pretty well.”

The former Entertainment Tonight star — who tied the knot with Connie, 64, in 1992 — said although he’s “not in the gym” right now, he’s staying fit with outdoor exercise.

“We live on a piece of land that has about 150 steps that go down into a valley,” he explains. “So I’m on those steps every day and that keeps me grounded. If I don’t wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. in the morning and exercise, then the rest of my day is [shot].”

Other than staying on top of his health following his terrifying battle with cancer, the “Roundball Rock” artist — who hosted a six-hour live Facebook fundraiser with Connie and Gib, 38, to support frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic in late April — says the majority of his schedule has remained the same.

“It really has,” he insists. “Just more work, you know, but again — [I’m] grateful to do it.”

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Throughout his years-long battle with cancer, John has been quite open and honest about the trials and tribulations he’s faced. In a recent issue of Closer magazine, the “Intelligence for Your Life” radio host praised the Greatest American Hero actress for being by his side during his fight against a rare form of prostate cancer.

“I had two major surgeries, then chemo, then took a drug that sucks all the testosterone out of you. You go through menopause, night sweats, can’t eat or sleep, and the cancer kept coming back,” he shared with Closer in early March, candidly admitting he once asked Connie to “please kill me” when he was “suffering mightily” one night.

“During that time, we discovered Scriptures in the Bible related to healing that we started studying,” he continued. “I began to get well, and then they found three or four spots and wanted to irradiate my pelvis with 62 treatments. [That’s when] we realized I was done with treatment. That was two years ago, and all the markers indicate there’s no cancer in my body.”

We hope John and his family are staying safe during this unprecedented pandemic!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper.