It’s been 15 years since the long-running CBS sitcom King of Queens went off the air, and fans are still sad that they don’t get to check in on the Heffernans anymore. But judging by the series finale, it seems like Carrie and Doug are doing just fine, raising their two children in Rego Park, Queens! Keep reading below to find out how King of Queens ended.

Doug and Carrie Almost Got a Divorce:

In the two-part finale, Doug (played by Kevin James) and Carrie (played by Leah Remini) went to Poughkeepsie, New York, to attend Carrie’s father Arthur Spooner’s wedding. But the couple’s marriage hung in the balance because they could not agree on two major life decisions together: having children and moving to Manhattan.

It was Carrie’s longtime dream to have an apartment in “the city” but ultimately, she compromised with Doug and they decided to stay in Queens if he would quit his job as a delivery driver for the fictional International Parcel Service. Since he upheld his part of the bargain, he was furious when he found out that Carrie hasn’t let go of the apartment in Manhattan.

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They Decided That They Wanted To Become Parents:

The couple spent most of the series childless because Carrie suffered from infertility issues after having a miscarriage in a previous episode. But they finally decided to adopt a baby girl from China, and they found out that their child was ready for adoption while at Arthur’s wedding.

Arthur Gets Stood up at the Altar:

His wedding doesn’t go as planned because Ava St. Clair said she only wanted to marry a gay man after her previous failed marriages. She found out that Arthur (played by Jerry Stiller) was not gay, so she left the ceremony. Intent on getting married that day, Arthur proposed to Spence Olchin’s mother Veronica and they tied the knot.

Carrie and Doug’s Baby Brings Them Together:

After they find out that their daughter is waiting for them in China, Carrie and Doug go on a mad dash to get on a flight and be the first to pick her up. But they end up on the same flight together and during their trip, they were able to solve their differences and forgive each other — and just in time, because once they arrive in China, Carrie finds out that she is pregnant.

The Final Scene Gave a Snapshot Into the Future:

The show fast-forwards to one year later with Carrie and Doug sitting in their living room with their two children when Arthur comes through the door carrying a suitcase. He tells them that his marriage to Veronica “didn’t work out,” and he retreats back to the basement.