Ten months after Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. Presidential election to Donald Trump, the businesswoman is getting candid about all aspects of her life in her new memoir, What Happened. On the list are details about her marriage to Bill Clinton, whom she wed back in 1975.

Hillary, 69, revealed that when it comes to her and Bill, there are “many, many more happy days than sad or angry ones.” Fans are surprised by this, as Bill’s highly-publicized affair with his White House intern Monica Lewinsky made headlines everywhere during his ’90s presidency.

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Happy birthday, Bill!

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She opened up about that difficult time in the memoir. “There were times that I was deeply unsure about whether our marriage could or should survive,” the former First Lady wrote, according to CNN, who has obtained the book ahead of the Tuesday, Sept. 12 release date. “But on those days, I asked myself the questions that mattered to me: Do I still love him? And can I still be in this marriage without becoming unrecognizable to myself — twisted by anger, resentment, or remoteness? The answers were always yes.”

She added, “I heard it again on the 2016 campaign… it’s just a marriage on paper now,” she wrote. “(He is reading this over my shoulder in our kitchen with our dogs underfoot and in a minute he will reorganize our bookshelves for the millionth time, but I don’t mind because he really loves to organize those bookshelves).” Too funny!

In fact, Hillary — who is also a parent to daughter Chelsea Clinton, 37, with Bill — isn’t holding anything back in the memoir. “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public like I was up on a wire without a net,” she said of the publication. “Now I’m letting my guard down.”