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Chelsea Clinton Reveals She and Ivanka Trump Haven’t Spoken in a “Long Time”

Friendship lost? It seems that way! During her visit to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Monday, March 5, Chelsea Clinton revealed she hasn’t spoken to her friend Ivanka Trump in a “long time.”

“I have not spoken to her in a long time,” Chelsea, 38, shared during the sit-down. “It’s clear that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with. I’ve been very vocal about my opposition to President [Donald] Trump.”

Host Stephen Colbert then joked, “Could you call her up and say, ‘Hey, maybe no war with North Korea’ or anything like that? I mean, you are friends.” Chelsea candidly replied, “I’m just really sad that we’re at a point in time where that even has to be said. That we’re at a point in time where we have a president who has such, you know, callous disregard for thoughtful, coherent, kind of expert-advised foreign policy. I would hope that is something that, regardless of where we sit on the political spectrum, we could agree on.”

In a previous January 2017 interview with 20/20, Ivanka revealed she and Chelsea hadn’t spoken since her father and Chelsea’s mother, Hillary Clinton, went head-to-head in the 2016 Presidential Election.

However, at that time, Ivanka claimed she and Chelsea were still close despite her dad’s big win. She even said she planned to ask her advice about her new role of First Daughter, a position Chelsea held from 1993 until 2001 when her father, Bill Clinton, served as President of the US.

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“She’s been a friend of mine long before the campaign, of course, will be a friend of mine after,” Ivanka said at the time. “I haven’t spoken about the specific challenges about this next chapter with her just yet, but I intend to.”

In a September 2016 interview with The View, Chelsea similarly acknowledged their previous strong bond. “We were friends long before this election; we will be friends long after this election,” she said at the time. “Our friendship didn’t start in politics and it certainly is not going to end because of politics. I have tremendous respect for Ivanka. I love her family. She’s a working mom like I do. We have so much more in common than we have disagreement about.” Clearly neither Chelsea and Ivanka have kept their promises, so we hope they get back in touch soon!

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