Joy Behar was praised for embracing her age and revealed her plans for the future during an episode of The View’s “Behind the Table” podcast on Wednesday, May 8.

“I am the same age as you, and I have never been shy about telling my age,” one viewer told Joy, 81, in a comment read by executive producer Brian Teta. “I commend you for revealing that you and Joe Biden are the same age. This proves that we’re intelligent, clear thinking, quick-witted, wise individuals. Was it a difficult decision to disclose your age?”

“Yes, it’s not that great. Not that easy,” Joy responded candidly during the episode. “But I had a much harder time when I was 60 because I still wanted to be in the game at this age. I don’t have great aspirations that my age is going to be an issue.”

The comedian went on to question if she is the “oldest person on daytime television.” She pointed out that Wolf Blitzer is in his late 70s and is still on television.

“It’s extraordinarily relevant, and we’re very lucky to have you,” Brian, 47, said while discussing Joy’s age.

“I don’t believe in age at all,” she added. “I really don’t. This is what it is. It’s a reality; why would you be ashamed of reality?”

The TV personality went on to say that Barbara Walters was a lot older than her when she left The View in 2014.

“Well you know you happen to be lucky with me in the fact that I will know when it’s time to go you don’t have to tell me and not because I’m not going to be doddering, old and on my behind but because it will be enough already,” she shared. “At this point it’s still interesting to me the show.”

Joy Behar Will Know ‘When It's Time’ to Retire From The View
ABC/Lou Rocco

Joy explained that she has had fans come up to her to praise her for always being honest on The View.

“People stop me all the time [to say] thank you for speaking out,” the ABC star said.

During a March 2024 episode of The View, Joy got emotional thinking about her future retirement after hearing that Jason Kelce was retiring from the NFL.

“He sounds more upset that he’s leaving his friends,” she said after watching a clip of Jason’s retirement speech. “When I leave this show, it will not be because I’m worried about my future. It’ll be because I will miss my friends. That’s basically it.”