Kids say the darndest things! After reading a story about a pig named Hedgehog who had a hard day, Hilaria Baldwin‘s daughter, Carmen, wrote a few hilarious answers on her English homework.

“In the story, an apple was stuck on Hedgehog’s back, which she didn’t like. If you had something stuck to your back, what would you do to try to get it off?” her teacher asked, and Carmen, 6, said, “If I had something on my back, which I don’t, I’d ask a goat to eat it off.” LOL.

Hilaria Baldwin's daughter's homework

Alec Baldwin‘s daughter didn’t stop there. For the last question, she said she would “ask the goat for help” if she ever had to go to a friend for a problem. However, Carmen’s cutest answer was for question No. 1. Her teacher asked, “In the story, Hedgehog makes a nest as her home for the winter. Where would you make your home for the winter if you could make it anywhere?”

“I would make my home in Ecuador,” the little one replied. “Because it has [the] sun all the time. It is on the equator.” So cute! After reading those answers, Hilaria, 36, shared a photo of Carmen’s homework on her Instagram Stories on April 28. She also added a cute baby goat and laughing emoji on top of the snap.

The yoga instructor’s baby girl is the oldest kid she has with Alec, 62. Hilaria is also a proud mom to her three sons — Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 1 — and she’s expecting another child very soon. The fitness guru revealed she was pregnant with baby No. 5 when she shared a video of her ultrasound on Instagram.

“Sound up … I’ll let the baby do the talking because I don’t have the words to express how this sound makes us feel,” Hilaria gushed on April 6. “Just got the great news that all is well and all is healthy with this little munchkin. I wanted to share this with you. Here we go again.”