Times are a changin'! When you hear the words Hallmark Channel you probably think of family-friendly programming and sugar-sweet Christmas movies. But, apparently, the TV network is looking to branch out into new kinds of shows in order to continue to satisfy its growing audience. And, the soaring ratings for the Hallmark Channel have been attributed to Generation X's changing appetite when it comes to entertainment.

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“The environment is undeniable contentious. We are a place you can go and feel good,” Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott told the The Washington Post. “We intentionally branded ourselves as the happy place." Hallmark's tagline is "the heart of TV."

The network has prided itself as a "wholesome" destination for TV watchers. You won't find any sex or violence. There's no real immorality or gore. Most of the storylines result in happy endings and the heroes are easy to root for because they always do the right thing in the end. You can turn off the TV after watching a Hallmark show and feel a little better about the world.

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Now, you might think that isn't the greatest business model for a network when most shows consist of torrid affairs, gloom and doom, and overall not the most genuinely uplifting story lines. But, it has been working for the TV network so far. In fact, during the week of the election last year, the Hallmark Channel was the fourth-most watched channel on TV during prime time. That's huge. And that's exactly why viewers can expect another station coming Sunday, Oct. 1., Hallmark Drama. So, next time you reach for the remote consider turning on Hallmark, you probably won't regret it.

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