You go, girl! This year, Halle Berry won’t just be working on the TV remake of her classic 1992 movie with Eddie MurphyBoomerang, but she’ll also be directing a new project that’s she’s very excited about.

“I’m directing my first film this year so when I said it was beast mode the last time I saw you, I meant that,” Halle, 52, recently gushed to Entertainment Tonight. “This is, I think, going to be a really defining time in my life for me to step into another light, into another area that I’m completely passionate about and I’m so ready for.”

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Halle also hinted that her Boomerang character, Angela, might make a cameo in the new TV series. “I can’t speak for anybody else, but there may be a possibility for Angela to show up,” she said. “[Angela]’s going to look just like me! Isn’t that amazing?”

Halle’s portrayal of Angela scored her two nominations at the MTV Movie Awards for Best Breakthrough Performance and Most Desirable Female back in the early 19990s, so she didn’t want to change her character too much for the 2019 adaption. Halle gushed that her character will definitely “still be the girl next door.”

“She will have grown, she will be smarter, more confident as she aged, but she’ll be still Angela,” Halle revealed. “I don’t think Angela will have changed too much.” She’s also not concerned about how the BET program will resonate with a younger audience because the show’s cast is very relatable to a lot of millennials.

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“I say go get it! This is their generation and they’re speaking to their generation and they’re all brand-new and sparkly and mad talented and excited,” she said of the show’s young cast.

You can watch new episodes of Boomerang every Tuesday on BET at 10/9c.